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MFP Suggestions/Feedback —

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  • 02/25/13--08:41: "Homemade" Recipes
  • When I view someone else's recipe (say, for example, an oil-free hummus), I can't see the ingredients they used. So, did they include tahini in their hummus? I have no idea!
    If I could just view the ingredient list (along with the nutritional info), this problem would be resolved.

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    I desperately wish I could just say how much a recipe makes. My homemade hummus recipe is basically useless, as it doesn't serve a specific number of people...
    If I could say it makes X number of cups, then be able to add a tablespoon to my diary this would no longer be an issue.
    As it is, I have to remember for all time what I decided a "serving" was when I created the recipe.

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  • 02/25/13--08:55: editing ingredients
  • Sometimes when I am building a recipe I need to go back and edit the amount of a certain ingredient but I have actually re-search out the ingredient and repost it with the edited amount. I would be much easier to be able to click the ingredient and change the amount much like I can in my food diary. Thanks for your consideration

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    Please in you food items make sure that a portion is not "1 serving" these need to be in grams or for use older people in the USA in ounces.

    This should be set up in your add food template.

    The easier the site is to use, the more people will use it!


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    Hey guys, when are you going to add symbian to the list of mobile phones to use your app?

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    It would be nice to have a visual that tells you how many servings of fruits and veggies, proteins etc that you have eaten per day as compared to how many are recommended by the Food Pyramid.

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    :smile: I was using spark people dot com to keep track of my food & workouts, but they dont have a free app for my phone so I started using My Fitness Pal. But I have to say the system they use is much more helpful and easier to use as far as adding foods for each day and for adding foods that I eat everyday to a favorites list that is just more accessible. Remember I am not trying to bash MFP, I just would like to help make everything easier to use. Also the workout reports dont show exact amounts so I cant total the amount of calories burned for a seven day period without going back to each day and adding them all up. Thanks for listening.

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  • 02/25/13--08:55: New Cover Inspiration
  • I have been using this site for a year and a half, and during that time, the front login page has never changed. It would be nice to see some fresh faces, as there are so many success stories with using the site and support offered by other members.

    One of my pals, joyzy, would make an excellent cover girl.


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    EDIT: I realize now thanks to you guys that i was looking at it wrong, I was comparing MFPs calculator which uses NET Calories to others who use GROSS calories, this is why it seemed so off. Just different than what i was used to.

    (I posted this in another section but i think it was the wrong category so here it is again)
    I have noticed that when you plug in your stats to your settings to see the projected daily calories, MFP always gives a number way to low. If i choose the VERY ACTIVE option it was just barely high enough for a low activity person.

    I mean all the other BMR and TDEE calculators on the web are disagreeing with the suggestions given here. As well as many of the members on the community forums.

    This is such a dis-service to all the members, yes they will lose weight, everyone does when they don't eat enough, but this is to low and not a sustainable lifestyle.

    Can we get these calculators adjusted?

    I know others out there agree with me, can you post here to give your opinion also?

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    Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I would like to search on a specific board. For example, if I want to search technical support for any topics regarding Endomondo, I get ALL message boards that have this word in it...which is A LOT.

    I think it would cut down on so many duplicated questions if the boards were easier to search.

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  • 02/13/13--15:58: Search within subforum/group
  • It would be rather helpful to have an advanced search option that could limit a search to within a particular subforum or group.

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    Under Calorie goal doesn't give useful feedback. I could be way under which is bad or under by 1 calorie. I would rather my MFP friends and I see that we were within X calories of our goal. Leave it up to you if that should be 50, 100 or someother number that puts us in the "way to go" category without being too high or too low.

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  • 02/25/13--13:41: Nike Fuel/Pic posting
  • Bought the Nike Fuel braclet from an advertisement here on your site. Would be nice to link the two and see my progress in one place. Also, if we can't link the two maybe a way to upload pics with your daily posts so you can see your fuel results dailey by pic. Just a suggestion. :)
    Love the app!

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    Example Total Fat entered is .5 - On the food diary it comes up as Fat 1 - We are not getting accurate information using this site. Why isn't it showing the actual amounts entered?

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  • 02/25/13--20:42: More Meals per Day
  • Hi,

    Is there a way to add more meals per day?

    If not maybe we could get that added???


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  • 02/25/13--20:51: Fixed protein
  • I would like to be able to fix an absolute amount of protein, not specify a percentage. For example, if I double my calorie allowance with exercise, I don't want the target protein intake to double.

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    I dont know if its just me, but im having a hard time seeing a yellow weight progress bar on a gray background?
    Anyone else having the same problem?

    In the iOS version the colors were much easier to see.

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  • 02/26/13--03:47: Reports
  • Could you add a report selection to include 3-4 items into a pie chart, To be able to view say fat/ carb/ protien.

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  • 02/26/13--04:09: Divided Snacks
  • Hello,

    I would recommend that you change the snacks to a morning, afternoon, and evening snack. It allows you to better track what you are eating and when.

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  • 02/24/13--18:58: Sorting & Deleting Foods
  • I would like to be able to delete foods from my list. This would be handy when I eat something only rarely. It would make sorting through my list of foods, to find the ones I use often, a lot easier.

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